Introduction to GEL.IT.UP BY GIUP®

Since its inception in 2011, GEL.IT.UP BY GIUP® has continually improved its products by keeping in
line with its tagline “Superior Innovation”.

Our mission is to continuously provide top class products whilst at the same time adhering to all EU
regulations and worldwide GMP (good manufacturing practice).
Cruelty free practice in the development of our products is extremely important to us and we have
managed to extend this from raw materials to finished product.

MOST IMPORTANTLY our 1-on-1 customer service / satisfaction approach is something we and all our
GEL.IT.UP BY GIUP® Family Distributors take great pride in. Even though GEL.IT.UP BY GIUP® is
rapidly going global, our distributor network remains a large family, which we eagerly invite you to join!

We pride ourselves in only supplying the professional market with our professional line of products to
ensure that Nail Industry standards are maintained and respected.

Our product range includes:
UV / LED Soak Off Gel Polish Systems
Builder Gel Systems
Acrylic Systems
MultiMix Synthogel (Also known as Acrygel / Polygel)
Nail Files (100/180, 100/120 Grit, 180/180 Buffing Blocks, Nail Sponge Files)
Consumable Products (Gel, Acrylic, Nail Art Brushes, Ombre Sponges)

What our clients say about us

One of the companies I trust since their first steps!
Elena Manta
Amazing products, especially the soak off polish Gel It Up is incredibly thick, rich in colour, very easily spread and lasts for long! It can also be removed so easily! The colour chart is extensive! Personnel is very helpful! Keep up the good work!
Marialena Fioravantis
My order arrived in 24 hours! Everything is great and the Support is Top Notch!
Afroditi Milona
The best company by far! Excellent quality and long lasting products, enormous variety in their colour charts! Great customer service too!
Eva Greka

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