When quality meets aesthetics and when knowledge meets innovation then the signature belongs to GEL.IT.UP by GIUP®!

After a lot of research, GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® created a nail extension form with the appropriate specifications needed for nail building.

With an innovative design it allows easy conversion from extreme nail form with numbering 1-14 to salon shape with numbering 1-8, thanks to the horizontal dotted cutting line.

Carefully designed with an emphasis on detail, allowing the novice technicians to easily place the material.


  • With double thickness of high-quality paper, it delivers 100% stability.
  • Coating of strong fixing adhesive without weakening during the process.
  • Ideal paper shade for clarity of transparent building materials.
  • Designed with wide cutting extensions for precise placement at 0 points and on the nail for a perfect fit.
  • Guidelines for placement of material in all shapes.
  • Gives a strong C-curve without the use of a pinching tool.
  • Suitable for all types of nails and in difficult cases of onychophagia.