Soak Off Gel Polish

Experience the revolution in UV / LED CCFL Soak Off Gel Polish products using GEL.IT.UP by GIUP®!

Base and Top Coats

Spoil yourself with our wide range of GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® Base and Top Coats designed to meet your specific needs!

Builder Gel Systems

Create a solid foundation for your nail art using GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® Builder Gels!
i. GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® 3-in-1 Gel Systems
ii. GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® 3-Phase Gel Systems

Nail Art

Try the GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® Nail Art products to perfect your creations!

GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® has 247 colors currently, which include an array of colors throughout the color spectrum. With each Summer and Winter season no less than 15 colors are added to our range to keep up with the latest trends and client demands.

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Acrylic Systems

GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® Classic Acrylic Systems for beginners for a slower drying time

GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® Compete Acrylic Systems professional nail technicians with faster drying times

Foil Gel

Create the perfect finish for any gel polish manicure and works perfectly with the foil gel.

MultiMix Synthogel

MultiMix Synthogel GEL.IT.UP by GIUP®!

Equipment – Consumables

UV / LED, Sterilizers, Drill and Drill Bits

Nails Files, Buffing Blocks, Nail Forms, Tips, Glues, Gel, Acrylic Brushes, Nail Art Tools